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Booking process

How can I find an apartment?
On the home page, fill in the search box with the city, the number of guests and the dates of your stay using the calendar. Then validate it and you will be redirected to a list of apartments that fulfills your criteria.
How do I book?
Once you have been redirected to the list of apartments, simply select the one you wish to book. Then, follow the instructions that will guide you through the booking process step by step. A prepayment will be required to confirm the booking.
I don't know the details of my trip yet. Can I communicate that information once the booking has been made?
Information regarding your trip is essential to prepare your check-in the best possible way. If you don't know this information at the time you make the booking, you can complete it later by logging into your account, available on the home page.
When will I receive my booking confirmation?
Once the prepayment has been made, you will instantly receive a confirmation by email. It will include a summary of your booking, with your confirmation number and all the relevant information concerning your stay in one of our short-term apartments. You will also be able to access all this information from your account. To do so, just click on My Account on our home page, enter the login information we sent you by email, and validate.
How should I proceed if the apartment booked does not correspond to the description on your website?
Each apartment published on our website is selected with care, and we devote the same care to the descriptions we provide on the apartment pages. We strive to give you the descriptions and pictures that best reflect the reality of our accommodation, so that you book the apartment that best fits your needs. Nevertheless, if the apartment you are staying in does not correspond to the description provided on our webpage or if you have any issue with the flat, please call us or send us an email to info@city-getaway.com. Our customer service will make its best to fix the situation without delay.
Should I anticipate any additional fees to the rate advertised on City Getaway.com?
Price information is available on each apartment page. Additional fees may apply in some particular cases (such as late arrivals or departures). Please read carefully the rate policy of the apartment you book to avoid any unpleasant surprise on the day of your arrival! Apart from the fees indicated on the apartment page, no additional fee can be claimed by the property manager.
Why do you ask for a security deposit?
The security deposit is asked by property managers to avoid damages: its amount is specified on each apartment page. In case of damages caused to the apartment, nuisances or non-compliance with the number of guests, the property manager may keep the security deposit, in part or in full depending on the damages or harm caused. If the apartment is returned in a good condition and no damage occurred, the security deposit will be returned in full at the time of the check-out.


How will I know the address of the apartment?
All information concerning the apartment and the contact details of the person in charge of the check-in will be indicated on your booking confirmation.
Should we bring sheets or towels?
No! All our apartments are fully equipped. Sheets and towels will be provided for the length of your stay.
I want to know more about the neighborhood of the apartment I booked. Where do I find that information?
You can find that information on the apartment page. You can also get useful information from our city guides, where we describe the main attractions/monuments of each district. Moreover, you can ask the person in charge of your check-in or contact our customer service that will be glad to assist you.

Check-in / check-out

Who will welcome us and proceed to the check-in?
Upon your arrival, the owner or his/her representative will welcome you and show you the apartment and its features.
What are the arrival and departure times?
Check-in time is after 3 PM, and check-out time is before 11 AM.
Can we check-in earlier and/or check-out later?
It is possible to check-in earlier / check-out later in some cases. Please ask the property manager (using his/her contact details indicated on the booking confirmation) that will let you know if it's possible or not, depending on the availability of the property.
Should I clean the apartment when I leave?
You don't have to do an extensive clean-out of the apartment when you leave. However, we kindly ask you to return the property in a reasonable condition (garbage taken out, dished cleaned, etc.).
Can I bring my pet?
Please refer to the apartment page to know if pets are allowed in the apartment.
Can I smoke in the apartment?
Please refer to the apartment page to know if smoking is allowed in the apartment.


How do I confirm my booking?
An online prepayment must be done in order to confirm the booking. Our online payment process is secured. You may use a credit card, PayPal or you can call us to proceed with the prepayment. Please note that this amount is non-refundable.You will then receive your booking confirmation by email. All your booking information will be also available in your account, which can be accessed from our home page.
When should I pay for the booking balance?
The booking balance and the security deposit are to be paid to the property manager upon your arrival at the apartment. The rental price depends on the number of guests and the length of your stay: it will be clearly indicated during the booking process, along with the security deposit amount, and this information will be also found in your booking confirmation.
What are the accepted methods of payment?
Please read carefully the apartment page to learn more about the payment methods accepted by the property manager (credit card, cash, check, etc.).If you wish to pay the total price of your booking before your arrival at the apartment, please contact our customer service that will assist you with your request.
When will I get back my security deposit?

Cancellation policy

What happens if I cancel my booking?
Please read the Terms of Sales to learn more about our cancellation policy.
What happens if I modify my booking?
Please read the Terms of Sales to learn more about our booking modification policy.

Any other questions

Any other questions
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Our contact details can be found in the Contact Us section on the home page.

You are owner

Apartment submission

How can I submit my apartment?
To submit your apartment, simply go to the «Submit your Apartment» section on our home page and fill in all the required fields. A City Getaway representative will contact you without delay to evaluate the possibility of a future cooperation.
How do I know if my apartment is suitable for short-term rental?
Following your submission, the City Getaway representative in charge of your geographical zone will evaluate the booking potential of your property and will assist you with the upgrade of your apartment if necessary.
How can I determine the rental price of my apartment?
The rental price of your property will be determined by the City Getaway representative in charge of your geographical zone, with your prior approval. Our objective is to provide our customers with quality apartments at reasonable prices, while insuring our property owners receive attractive revenues, adequately with their offer. In case your property is already listed in another agency, the price at which City Getaway will propose your apartment can't be higher than the rental price in any other agency.
Can I cooperate with City Getaway if my property is already published in another short-term rental agency?
At City getaway, we are not jealous! Our cooperation is non-exclusive. You can list your apartment in other rental agencies without a problem. We only require that you keep the calendar up-to-date at all times, to avoid double-bookings.

Booking process

How will customers find my apartment on your website?
Customers select the city of their choice, the number of guests and the dates of their stay. They are then redirected to a list of apartments. If your apartment fulfills their criteria and is available at the dates requested, it will appear in the list. Your property will be displayed at its best advantage, with a detailed and truthful description and quality pictures taken by our professional photographers.
When will I be notified of new bookings?
Once the booking has been confirmed by the customer, you will receive a confirmation SMS and an email with the booking details. You will also have access to your booking history by logging into your account, accessible from our home page.
When will I receive booking confirmations?
You will receive the booking confirmation instantly, or within a few minutes at the latest.
What is the purpose of the security deposit?
The purpose of the security deposit is to avoid potential damages and non-compliances with the rules of the apartment (such as number of guests, nuisances, etc.). The security deposit will be refunded in full during the check-out process, once the apartment has been checked and if no damage has been detected.

Arrival / departure procedures

How will customer find my apartment?
Once the booking is confirmed, the customer will receive a confirmation email with all the relevant information (address, contact details of the property manager, etc.).
Will customer have my contact details?
Yes, our customers will receive your email address and your telephone number: it is essential that you provide us with your correct contact information. We require at least 2 telephone numbers: one for the person in charge of the check-in, and an emergency number in case the first one can't be reached.


How do we proceed with the payment?
You should collect the booking balance during the check-in. We will indicate the payment methods you accept on your apartment page (credit card, cash)
When should I give back the security deposit?

Any other questions

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Our contact details can be found in the Contact Us section on the home page.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Our contact details can be found in the Contact Us section on the home page.